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Massage as a part of your fitness-wellness program will help maintain optimum health. You will become more aware of what your body needs and what is right and necessary for balance and harmony in your life.

Improve your wellness in a variety of ways

• Therapeutic

• Reflexology

• CranioSacral therapy

• Pregnancy massage

• Swedish

Massage Techniques used


We have different types of massages to relieve your pain and get you back up to feeling normal again. Read about our massages to give you an idea on what kind of service you'll need!

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Massage is excellent for you physically and mentally. The medical benefits are many:

• Pain relief

• Improve circulation

• Improve range of motion

• Aids in healing injured muscles due to accidents or surgery

• Relieve repetitive motion injuries

• Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

• Release trigger points; such as sciatic nerve (piriformis syndrome)

This is used on specific areas of concern to relieve pain of injured, overworked, or repetitive use muscles. Compression on trigger points, stripping of the muscles, cross fiber friction at the muscle attachments are some of the techniques.


Using the thumb and fingers we work over the surface of the feet or hands. There are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. This technique fine tunes the body to achieve homeostasis (where all the body parts work together in balance). This is a good stress reliever and improves the blood supply. It achieves homeostasis by helping the glands and organs return to normal.


This is a general massage to reduce stress, to promote relaxation, and improve circulation.


A general massage for relaxation using long slow strokes to aid in circulation of lymphatic fluids, and broader lifting strokes to move muscles and release the toxins trapped in them.


It is very exciting for me to see a client leave my office amazed at how much better they feel. They come back for follow-up visits having realized that the stretching they are now doing also helps them tremendously with their recovery! Educating people in stretching and self care to promote a better quality of life for them in the future is part of my job. To be able to facilitate a client in relieving pain is awesome! As we mature our muscles become less elastic. The need for stretching should be a part of everyone’s daily routine (young and old). Proper stretching before and after strenuous activities prepares the muscles to work and then to relax. It can help prevent painful muscle injuries from occurring. The older we get the more important it is to stretch our muscles and to keep active. There are several options available, from pool exercises to exercise classes offered through the Community Ed programs and the local Hospital’s health and wellness classes. Check it out! Getting a massage after a hard workout can lessen the chance of sore muscles. Massage will help flush toxins out of the muscles, and it improves blood supply to the muscles. Massage can also help relieve tension headaches. Muscles of the face, head and neck can be worked on to help relieve stress and anxiety. Massage aids in healing of sprained muscles. It also aids the healing process after surgery or accidents.

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