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If you're looking for ways to improve your stretching and muscle function, check out Stretching Anatomy. Stretching Anatomy is the only book that provides fully detailed anatomical images of each muscle during every stretch. Take advantage of this excellent stretching resource to improve your stretches - having Stretching Anatomy at your disposal is like having a full-color X-ray for every stretch.


To view detailed instructions about how to adjust your muscle emphasis when stretching, check out the book Stretching Anatomy, which is available now through Human Kinetics.

Take advantage of stretching resources

  • Improve stretching safety

  • Improve stretching effectiveness

  • Relieve headaches

  • Relieve muscle tension and soreness

  • Services for all ages

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and depression

  • Release toxins

Stretching and massage benefits


Proper stretching is important to prevent muscle injury and help heal your existing muscle soreness. With regular massage and stretching, your body will feel better than ever.

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